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CarActive is a proud Australian Car Wrecking company, providing premium services in Brisbane. Our success is driven through reliability, experience, trust and efficiency. We have a flourishing reputation of delivering:

You no longer have to pay to have your unwanted vehicle removed! At Brisbane Buy & Tow, we pay up to $10,000 cash for your unwanted vehicle. If you have an unwanted vehicle that is nothing but an eyesore or just taking up too much space that could be used for a better purpose, contact us today for a free quote!

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At CarActive, we put our best foot forward in providing six-star services to all the car owners who are struggling to sell their vehicles. We are a company focusing on to dominate the automobile industry in Brisbane through our hard work, dedication and preservation of our environment by providing eco-friendly wrecking and recycling


We are car wreckers, and this is our strength. We stand united to keep our environment safe from all the toxic releasing from old, wasted, damaged vehicles. We don’t believe in ‘dump your car in a landfill’. At CarActive, you can trust us with recondition motor parts that are affordably sold, regardless of the car’s model and brand.


Our recognition lies in how we conduct our services. We are recognised as the leading car wreckers in Brisbane. Our wrecking yard is fully equipped with proper tools and equipment that provide eco-friendly wrecking. We also buy cars of all conditions, models and brands. Do you have a wrecked van? Or a damaged SUV? Is your car broken? Is your Ute too old to drive anymore? Whether you have a Toyota, a BMW, Mazda, Ford, Volkswagen or any other brands, we will buy it for a good price! And when it comes to towing, we are the number 1 company who provides free car removal service anywhere in Brisbane!


Our team consists of one of the most experienced, trained and efficient technicians and staff available in Brisbane. Our talents are immensely hardworking and are well-aware of all the latest technology and trends on car wrecking and recycling techniques.


At CarActive, we will provide you with a win-win situation – you sell your unwanted car to us, and we pay you top dollars for it! Our company has a rich value and culture. We strive to provide you the maximum ease in selling your car before it can pollute our environment. We wreck cars because it’s the only way to serve you. We recycle all salvageable parts and produce recondition parts for your vehicles, and the rest of the scrap metals are send to scrapyards to be disposed of safely.

CarActive are trusted by hundreds of customers in Brisbane. Over the years, we have not only improved in our services, but have also introduced latest techniques in our works. Don’t waste time in thinking about what to do with your scrap or unwanted car. Pick up your phone and give us a call 042 979 4488