CarActive FAQ :
What is is Australia's newest vehicle buying service. We purchase your vehicle directly from you, paying cash for your car...FAST
How does work?
Online Estimate – In less than 5 minutes will generate a free, instant online estimation of your car.
Appointment – Book an appointment at a conveniently located buying centre. One of our experienced buyers will inspect your car and conduct a quick road test in order to determine your cars value.
Finalise the Sale – If you accept our offer to purchase your car, we complete your sale and we guarantee the payment for your peace of mind.
Why choose to sell your car?
We are committed to making selling your car as safe and as easy as possible. Providing excellent customer service, Sell My Car pays cash for your car...FAST. Our simple 3 step process takes all the hassle out of selling your car.

By selling your car to us, you can avoid:

Waiting around for a stranger to come along to your home for a test drive
The risk of not selling your car and having it on the market for months while it continues to devalue
Continuing to incur costly maintenance, registration and insurance costs
We can buy your car on the spot, offering a fast, hassle free and economic way to sell your car.
How does determine the online estimation?
Our online value is an estimated market value of your car based on industry sales data and the information you submitted via our website.
The specific value of your car is determined at the onsite appointment, where we will assess your car and verify the information you have provided. We will also consider any differences that may be apparent from the information submitted in the online estimate, such as any damage or additional features.
Will offer to buy my car at the online estimate amount?
The online estimate is a guide only and is based on the information you provide to us about your car. We also make certain assumptions about the condition of your car and the online estimation does not take into consideration any customisations or additional features.
The amount we offer to purchase your car is determined during the onsite inspection. At this time our buyer is able to take into account the condition of the car, the mileage, the service history and any customisations or additional features.
We will always carry out an onsite inspection prior to making our offer to buy your car.
Why does need my email address and telephone number? requires your email address so we can email your online estimation to you once it is calculated.
A telephone number allows us to contact you regarding your estimate and selling your car.
I need some help navigating the website!
Our helpful and friendly representatives can help guide you through the website. Please contact us on 042 979 4488 or email us on
What should I do if my car is not listed?
Our helpful and friendly representatives can assist you if you are having difficulties.
Please contact us on 042 979 4488 or email us on
Why should I think twice about selling privately?
Selling a car privately takes time and effort, whether it s taking and uploading photos, or waiting for buyers who are not serious or who don't turn up at all. = your car gone... fast!
Where do I go for my appraisal?
Sell My Car buying centres are located Australia wide.
How will I receive my money?
Payment will be made directly into your nominated bank account. We offer our Next Day Payment service to all customers, however, please be aware that due to bank processing times when you sell your car to us after 4pm on a Friday it will take an additional business day for cash to be deposited.
Customers can opt out of our Next Day Payment Guarantee in order to save $44 (inc GST). This then becomes a 4 working day payment.
Can I sell my car if it is currently under finance? can facilitate the sale of your car and assist by dealing directly with your financier.
A letter detailing a current payout figure from your finance company will be required. will pay any funds owed to the financier first and provide the balance to you.
In the event of the payout being greater than your car s value, you will be required to pay the balance to at the time of sale.