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Car Active specializes in car battery recycling where we test and separate the good batteries. These batteries are tested for their reliability and performance and then they are put for sale if passed the test. Any car batteries that we sell are checked again prior to the installation so you have a good working battery. This will give you a peace of mind that the battery will perform well for you.

To sell your used cars to us or organize a car removal please contact us by phone or go to our home page for more info.


Don’t pay hundreds of dollars on your next car battery when you can buy good reliable used car batteries for a cheap price. Specially when you are driving an old car, it is really not worth to spend a lot of money on the car batteries when your whole are is not worth the resale due to the age and low market value. Batteries are one of the most imported part of the vehicles. Car batteries are responsible from the cranking of the engines to the powering up of the whole vehicle electrical system. A bad battery could possibly damage the alternator of cars as well. This happens when the energy output from the alternator is not stored by the battery and most of the load from the power system of the vehicle is put on to the alternator. Heating up of the alternator can well reduce the life span of the alternators. Why not replace the bad battery of your vehicles by a good reliable second hand battery while its available so cheap and affordable by GoCarRemoval. We have a good reputation in the world of scraping and recycling. We have achieved this position by taking care of our customers and by practicing the most appropriate work procedures in the business. Reselling and recycling of used old motor vehicles batteries is a positive move in many aspects. A very major factor is the environment. We utilize what we already have, avoiding another manufacturing cycle where most of the harm is done to our environment by the wast products of the manufacturing process.

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